Welcome to Prime Care Dental Clinic
Welcome to Prime Care Dental Clinic
We care about your teeth
We care about your teeth
We care for your family's dental needs
We care for your family's dental needs
Let us brighten your smile
Let us brighten your smile
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Welcome to

Prime Care Dental Clinic

24 Hours Dental Clinic in Abuja

The first fully functional 24-hour dental clinic in Abuja and it’s environs, equipped to provide dental medical home services with robust online presence.

A place where Dr. John O. Adjarho and his team meet and exceed patients expectations via humane care, ingenuity, professionalism and quality service delivery.

Our prices are affordable for the quality and the care we provide. The facility is in it’s own premises so privacy, security and comfort is highly guaranteed.
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dental clinic in abuja

Dental Medical Treatment in Abuja

At Prime Care Dental Clinic, we recognise the busy schedule of Abuja residents and the severity of toothache at odd hours (at night ) we provide all round the clock 24 hours dental services which is easily accessible, affordable with high quality content and honesty.

We invest into new and proven technologies in dentistry to bring you comfort, value for money and unequal customer service as our name implies.

Our Services

General Dentistry- dental clinic in abuja

General Dentistry

This is the general maintenance of oral health and function

Dental Implants - dental clinic in abuja

Dental Implants

Self supporting replacement for a missing tooth or teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry - dental clinic in abuja

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental treatment to improve the aesthetics of the teeth

Radiography - dental clinic in abuja


Dental imaging for diagnostic purpose

Meet Our Medical Specialists And Facilities

dr john adjarho

Dr. John Adjarho


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Prime Care Dental Clinic

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Latest Technology

Personal focused attention is the core of everything we do. At the same time, we are fortunate to be able to give you and your family all the benefits of vanguard office.

For example, our digital imaging system emits significantly lower levels of radiation than traditional X-rays, while providing us more accurate images of the mouth.

In addition, we invested a lot of hours in continuing education each year, and we make sure to offer the most high-tech materials to improve your smile.

dental equipment - dental clinic in abuja

Our Latest Blog Posts


Every 6 months, to remove plaque and tartar build up.

In order to check whether you need a root canal treatment, you’ll need a dental consultation with us. However one of the first symptoms that suggests that you need a root canal treatment is dental pain or tooth ache.

Due to poor of oral hygiene or bad brushing habit, dental plaque accumulates and forms tartar. As the time goes by, this accumulation of tartar starts to irritate the gum and the tissues surrounding the teeth. This eventually causes inflammation which leads to bleeding, bad taste and bad breath .

When a tooth is very destroyed by tooth decay, fracture or has been treated endodontically.

Mostly everybody can have a dental implant, but certain requirements are needed for this treatment. So for more information please contact us.

We recommend a dental consultation every 6 months for a routine checkup and cleaning, to avoid the excess plaque and tartar accumulation, and  find any dental problems earlier.

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